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Projecting from a Computer. The VGA slot on a laptop computer is comprised of three rows of five holes.

Projecting from a Computer. The VGA slot on a laptop computer is comprised of three rows of five holes.

Every DCS class room with A vga is had by a data projector cable which may be utilized for connecting a laptop computer into the projector. All classrooms designed with the Digital Classroom techniques have actually HDMI inputs that could be used to also project from laptop computers.

To see in the event your class features an information projector, look for the space and then click regarding the “Technology” tab.

To see when your space has also a HDMI input, click on “Classroom Features” and always check “Additional products.”

Newer laptop computers might not have a VGA or HDMI slot. If the laptop doesn’t have a VGA or HDMI slot, you shall need certainly to buy an adapter which allows you to definitely link one of these brilliant two cables to your laptop computer.

Starting Out

  1. Switch on the machine and choose the button that is appropriate laptop computer.
  2. Link the VGA or HDMI cable to your laptop computer’s VGA or HDMI slot. If a HDMI is being used by you or VGA adapter, plug the adapter into the laptop computer and connect the supplied cable to another end regarding the adapter. In DCS spaces in which the VGA and HDMI cables aren’t connected to the system, you need to link one other end for this cable into the system jack.
  3. Start your laptop computer. After your desktop has packed, your laptop computer image should project. If it generally does not, please follow the guidelines below that pertain your laptop’s operating-system.
  1. While holding the Windows button situated on the keyboard, press “P”. Your display choices will be.
  2. While continuing to put on the Windows key, press “P” to emphasize each choice. Highlight “Duplicate” to project the image that seems on your own laptop computer monitor.
  3. Highlight “Extend” to utilize the projector being a 2nd monitor. Then you’re able to drag things away from your laptop computer monitor as well as on to your projected image.
  4. Launch the Windows key when you’ve got highlighted the required choice.