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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dating Behavior Are Grossing People Out — As Well As For Valid Reason

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dating Behavior Are Grossing People Out — As Well As For Valid Reason

Leonardo DiCaprio the most familiar a-listers and there’s no concern that he’s one of the biggest actors of y our generation.

But as the globe is targeted on his amazing talents and humanitarian efforts, there’s an elephant that is huge the room that should be talked about: their dating life.

Leo certainly has a sort: high, blond, slim, and young. There’s nothing wrong with that. A lot of people have actually a sort, most likely.

But throughout the week-end, Reddit individual TrustLittleBrother created a chart (see below) of Leo’s dating practices and it happens to be making waves on the net. It highlights a thing that went over everyone’s heads: Leo hasn’t dated a female avove the age of 25.

Credit: Reddit User TrustLittleBrother

The chart shows eight of Leo’s girlfriends, including A-listers like Gisele Bündchen and Blake Lively, have been 18 and 21 correspondingly once they first started dating the star. Just three associated with the ladies regarding the list had been 25 yrs old, but by the next year, he had been about the next woman.

Back February, Gisele described how Leo’s toxic behavior impacted her. She told PORTER,

“No longer numbing myself with cigarette smoking, ingesting, and work that is too much I became becoming a lot more conscious of items that I’d chosen to not have a look at. Had been we alone in planning to do a little severe soul-searching while he stayed the exact same? When you look at the final end, regrettably, the clear answer had been yes.”

Leo, that is now 44, has shifted to a different young, impressionable girl: 21-year-old Argentinian model (and Al Pacino’s step-daughter) Camila Morrone.

Whenever looking at it without context, it is yet another middle-aged celebrity dating a more youthful girl, that is unfortunately pretty typical in Hollywood. Exactly what helps make the entire relationship odd is the reality that he’s known Camila since she had been 11 yrs old.