Simple Guide to Writing a Structure in a Research Paper

What Is A Research Paper?

Writing a research paper outline is one of the simplest things you can do if you are serious about your research. For one reason or another, you have probably been allocated this assignment in college. Writing a research paper has numerous assignments that a learner must complete for their projects to be considered complete. A research paper is structured differently from a regular essay because it requires one to organize their thoughts and arguments in a coherent manner before they begin writing. Most learners who struggle with their assignments end up getting a low score.

Most of the work that goes into writing a research paper can be divided into various sections. So what should you write about in each section of a research paper?

Purpose of the Paper

What is your particular project? This question can be answered by dividing the work into a series of subsections, starting with the motive of the study. You must explain the reason for starting the research and explain the findings obtained in the research.

Also, remember that the research paper should be factual. Moreover, it should also be informative.

The Introductory Section

The introduction to your paper must be brief and catchy. It should provide a background for the assignment and state the primary hypothesis.

An introduction must also cover the background information about the subject and how you formulated your hypothesis. Also, you must provide a sense of closure to your audience by summarizing the key ideas discussed in the research paper. Remember to remain as factual as possible to avoid plagiarizing your work.

Do not introduce the main ideas or theories but rather summarize the hypothesis, include the findings obtained in your research and a relevant conclusion.

Contents of the Body Section

Each paragraph in a research paper must be based apa research paper outline on a separate research question. The question is whatever questions you will want the reader to think about and answer with their own opinions. A great research paper should provide an in-depth explanation of how you arrived at your findings and reasons why you choose to answer the question.

In this section, you will state the hypothesis, discussion of the research, and some observations that help to support or reject the hypothesis.

The second and third paragraphs will provide the methods used to reach your findings and what you believe your findings mean. These paragraphs should contain a formal presentation of your findings.

Results and Discussion

This is where you present your results, mainly in a table format.

You must also present the statistical analysis that found some support for or against the hypothesis and why you chose to use the results as evidence for your thesis. The conclusion should include a summary of the findings of your research and how they have helped to answer your thesis statement.

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