5 Strategies for Developing a Good Introduction Dissertation for MBA Students

How to Capture the Attention of your Reader from the Get-Go

Academic writing is an art that many learners seek to master. You need to get from the introduction, through the body paragraphs, and finish up with a magnificent conclusion. Writing a dissertation may be challenging if you are unsure about how to go about the entire process. That is why students seek out expert professionals to guide them through.

What to Include

You need to give your students context to understand how they can find value in your thesis. It is essential to start with a hook to attract the reader’s attention. The best way to do it is to summarize the topic and depict the significance of what the paper is about. Do not start your introduction dissertation with a general statement that you want to give the reader. The subject matters should be given in the body paragraphs and end with a compelling statement.

The first section should give the reader a glimpse of your dissertation. Whom are you answering the question in your piece? What does your study focus on? It should address these questions in the first few sentences. Provide the background and reason you want the reader to know the topic.

It is essential to explain your methodology and compare it to previous studies. You also need to prove that you did an extensive study and used valid data to come to the conclusions.

Afterwards, you need to describe your dissertation’s strengths and weaknesses in a manner that enables the reader to understand your perspective. They also have to see how they can apply what you have learned in their careers. Furthermore, you need to showcase why you chose the topic you did. Show why you believe it is the right approach. The reader must see how you arrived at your conclusion.

Provide a reasonable thesis statement that allows the reader to know what to expect in your study. Ensure you provide a clear thesis that ensures your analysis is coherent. Be clear about the research questions and what the thesis is going to address.

Afterward, come up with a thesis statement that encapsulates the relevance of your study to your chosen field. Students must answer why you think the topic dissertation introduction help is relevant and what it brings out about the area. It should appear in a captivating way that puts the reader’s mind at ease. In case your thesis statement is too general, you must base it on a specific question. The purpose is to ensure that the reader is keen on the topic.


The conclusion in a dissertation must serve a similar purpose as the introduction in that it should demonstrate the relevance of the topic. As with the introduction, it should state the thesis statement, show how you arrived at it, and also show how others may have applied the same methods. Provide how you will address the research questions in the future.

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